Able Finishing

Able Finishing, based in Rosharon Texas (Southwest of Houston), is primarily focused on serving the anodizing needs of architectural aluminum extruders, manufacturers and fabricators in Texas and throughout the United States.  We are also well equipped to work with manufacturers of all types dealing with mid-sized to large aluminum pieces.

We understand the need for rapid turnaround times and exceptional/flexible customer service.  The Able Finishing team is committed to an honest approach and to taking any necessary steps to meet the needs of our clients.


Able utilizes Pulse technology and a closely monitored process for a consistent Type II Clear finish in Class I or Class II. 

Our facility has 30 foot anodizing tanks with a solution depth of 50 inches.  This means that Able can handle extrusions as long 29 feet.

Acid Etch

Able utilizes an acid etch that gives the metal a “frosty” color and is exceptional at masking die lines and flow lines.  This is an important evolution as the  aluminum industry relies more and more on secondary billet. The etch solution is also better for the environment than the traditional caustic etch.

We are also able to provide caustic etch upon request.

The Benefits of Acid Etch

As aluminum resources are depleted over time, prices for primary billet naturally rise.  Industries relying heavily on aluminum are then forced to utilize cheaper, lower quality, secondary billet.

Secondary production of aluminum is the process of creating new aluminum from recycled scrap.  Although this is good for the environment, the resulting secondary billet extrusions are often plagued with heavy flow lines that mar the aesthetics of the product.

  Traditional caustic etch, while useful for removing scratches and other surface imperfections, is less effective at hiding the deep flow lines resulting from secondary billet.

Able Finishing utilizes a proprietary blend Acid Etch.  We see this etch as the future of the Anodizing industry, specifically because it provides a superior finish.  The Acid Etch provides the following benefits to our clients:

-          Aesthetics – The etch creates an almost painted matte look that masks even the most egregious die-lines and flow-lines.

-          Fast – The etch requires less processing time than a traditional caustic etch, reducing lead time.

-          Environmentally Conscientious – The etch produces up to 90% less aluminum sludge than traditional caustic etch.

-          No Additional Cost – The cost for an Able client will be equal whether we etch with caustic or acid.


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